kENUP Foundation resides in the historic Chaplain's House, located inside the picturesque compounds of Villa Bighi, magnificently overlooking the Grand Harbour. The site was conceived in the first half of the nineteenth century by Sir George Whitmore as a Royal Naval Hospital. Three Victorian hospital buildings have been erected adjacent to the pre-dating Palazzo Bichi. This center-piece of the ensemble had already been built under the rule of Order of St. John in 1675. It was based on designs by Lorenzo Gafa, Malta's most productive baroque architect. During the Victorian period, the hospital accommodated 200 beds and gave service to roughly 800 navy sailors per year. Bighi Hospital contributed to the nursing and medical care of casualties whenever hostilities occurred in the Mediterranean, making Malta "the nurse of the Mediterranean". Royal Naval Hospital Bighi was closed only in September of 1970. 
Chaplain's House itself is a four-storey, Georgian building located on the south-west waterfront of the compound . 

"Chaplain’s House, started to be called so since it was the residence of the Royal Navy’s Protestant chaplain at Bighi Naval Hospital. Although it was subjected to various minor alterations and additions through time, this building pre-dates the building of the British hospital facilities in 1830, as can be clearly seen from its architecture, which matches that of Villa Bichi when built in the late 17th century." (Joseph Schiro)

The building has been restored in 2017 to its original beauty. 
kENUP clients choosing to operate out of the Republic of Malta can set up offices at Chaplain's House.
Currently, Digital Education Holdings Ltd., European Medical College, Candena Digital Education Malta, as well as the MusicNow Initiative reside at Chaplain's House - alongside kENUP Foundation's administrative offices and conference facilities.
All photos in this section - except for the header - by Jan Northoff. 
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